Dave McGraw & Mandy Fer 11/17/12

Dates Playing: 11/17/2012

Venue: Seven Steps Up Live Music & Event Venue


Dave McGraw & Mandy Fer. Hands down one of the most amazing concerts ever performed at Seven Steps Up. Each performer is fantastic on their own - but, together, Dave & Mandy are a truly magical experience. 

For more music, click HERE. If you scroll down a little on the page, there is a music player with a few of their songs. We triple dog dare you to listen to their music. Once you listen, we know you'll buy a ticket!

With the release of the songwriters’ first official collaboration, Seed of a Pine, the duo’s striking ability to blend their lush folk and Americana-influenced styles is on full display. McGraw’s consoling,velvety baritone voice, reminiscent of Greg Brown, coupled with Fer’s soaring and subtly powerful vocal approach, likened to that of Patty Griffin, puts a spit-shine polish on the finely crafted body of songs they have generated together. The intricate weaving of their vocal harmonies are undeniably exceptional. McGraw’s hard-hitting tunes echo narratives of the culture and landscape of the American West, wherein he thoughtfully spins tales of everyday folks looking for a little something more in their earthly existence. Fer takes a more dreamy approach, evoking complex and ethereal imagery within her sultry and haunting melodies. Her potent electric lead guitar playing, in the vein of jazz-fusion guitarist John Scofield, bravely propels this duo through their uniquely heartfelt and spirited live performances, winning over audiences night after night.

Advance tickets are $18 and $22 day of show. Other seating options may be available: Love seats (LS) seat two ($36 in advance/$44 day of show.) Sofas (S) seat three ($54 in advance/$66 day of show.)  Private tables seat up to 4 and include a linen, candle and light munchies for $110. Click the Run Amoker Reserve Period link below for more information. All tickets are reserved. All ticket sales are final. 

We are pleased to announce that this show is included in the Concert Getaway Packages exclusively through the Holiday Inn-Spring Lake. You can get a standard room, a $50 dinner voucher at Jack's Restaurant, and two tickets to the show. Limited availability. Please visit www.higrandhaven.com for more details or call 1.888.407.6675 for reservations. 

Seven Steps Up is a listening room. We require silence while our artists perform. For more information about our intense music experience,click HERE.

Run Amoker Reserve Period Ends:  October 14, 2012, 5:00pm.

Doors open at 7:00pm.


There are no set event times.

Dave McGraw & Mandy Fer 11/17/12