Run Amoker Reservation Period

Run Amoker Reservation Period means the period of time that Run Amokers get to determine if they will purchase their seats for any concert. Run Amokers are members of a special club that allow for access to specific seats during the annual membership period.  

All Run Amoker seats are unavailable to the public during the reservation period unless specifically released by the member. The posted "reservation period ends" is the date and time that seats not purchased by Run Amokers will be made available to the public. For many concerts, there is at least one table and other seats that become available to the public. For a diagram of the current seats reserved by Run Amokers, click HERE. If you would like to know what seats will be available, we recommend that you check back at the date & time posted. 

If you would like to join the Run Amoker club, you will get the inside scoop and have access to the seats before they go on sale to the public. For more information, click HERE