Artist Testimonials

Here's what some of the artists who have played here have to say about their experience:

Erick Baker, via email 8/23/2013
"I had such an amazing time playing Seven Steps Up/Pin Drop Concerts, and I can't wait to come back!  Very few places treat people as well as you guys.  Much Love!"

Kim Richey, via email 6/29/2013
"thanks for everything!!  we had such a great time w/ you and gary.  your concert series will only keep growing and growing.  hope we can come back and see you another time!"

Liz Longley, via email 6/20/2013
"Seven Steps Up is a venue every artist deserves to experience.  The owners have dedicated themselves to catering to both the artists and the concert-goers.  As an artist, I was truly impressed by the high end sound system and acoustics of the room. The listeners know they can't experience an intimate concert that sounds that good anywhere else.  To add to the artist experience, we were treated to incredible food, a great place to crash after the show and a music loving audience who left with nearly every merch item on the table.  It was the highlight of our tour and we cannot wait to go back."

Callaghan, via email 4/23/2013
"A place like Seven Steps Up is a rare find. An intimate listening room with a great atmosphere and filled with true music fans, this place is a total joy to perform at.

On top of that, owners Michelle and Gary go above and beyond to make the artists and audience feel so welcome. Spring Lake is a lucky to have such an awesome venue! "

Willy Porter (& Carmen Nickerson) (March, 2013) (tweeted by willy a few days after his concert here)
@WillyPorter: @pindropconcerts @sevenstepsup you two rock harder & swing way higher than anybody else! carmen & i say, "THANK YOU"!”

Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys (January, 2013)
"Michelle and Gary have a great model going for them as a premiere concert series promoter in West Michigan. They have refined the many facets and angles of maintaining their organization to optimal standards. From the "artists' experience", I can tell you that we seldom see a show set up like this. 5 stars from Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys!"

Griffin House (January, 2013)
"What a pleasure it was to play Seven Steps Up.  I had no idea what I was walking into, but it was a night to remember for sure.  Great venue, great hospitality, great listening environment.  Just an overall pleasant experience.  It was nice to see that even in a smaller community when a show is properly promoted and people know about an event they really come out of the wood work and show up with bells on.  I was amazed by the size of the crowd and their interest in hearing new music."

Jonathan Edwards (December, 2012)
"I remember last year's concert at "Seven Steps Up" in May as being one of the highlights of my Spring Tour. The people there made me feel right at home from the outset. I played two nights there which is always a treat in my world of one night stands. I sang all the songs that people are familiar with from some 16 albums as well as a bunch of new ones that are always bubbling around in the percolator. I found the audiences there to have highly sophisticated ears and a deep appreciation of my engagement with the crowd."

Fauxgrass Quartet (September, 2012) (from a Facebook posting)
"This is one of the nicest listening rooms around....."

Enter The Haggis (August, 2012)
"We had a great time at Seven Steps Up!  Thanks so much for having us and for your amazing hospitality.  We'd love to come back anytime and will be sure to spread the word."

Drew Nelson (July, 2012)
"Thanks so much for such a great night! One of the best concerts of my life. :)"

Michael Pearsall, Honor By August (July, 2012)
"Seven Steps Up is one of the best listening rooms in the country. The vibe in there is really inviting, making it a great venue to connect with the audience. Michelle and Gary really know how to treat their artists, going above and beyond in every way. We can't wait to play there again."

Alice Peacock (June, 2012)
“I loved playing Seven Steps Up!  We were made to feel at home with an incredible meal, great sound and an attentive and enthusiastic listening crowd.  What a cool series!”

Neil Jacobs (June, 2012)
"[Seven Steps Up] is truly a special venue.A great sounding room, attentive audience, terrific hosts, and gourmet food at the after glow....What more could a performer ask for!"

Ruth & Max Bloomquist
(June, 2012)
"The vibe, the sound, and people make for a great experience on stage. Fans that had seen us many times at other venues said they'd never heard us sound better and that they'd had a wonderful time. There is something very special about Seven Steps Up!"

Dave McGraw & Mandy Fer (May, 2012):
"The audience was warm and kind, the room itself was alive with spirit, and the sound was nothing short of buttery goodness. Michelle and Gary Hanks of Run Amok Promotions have crafted a truly remarkable experience for both artists and listeners alike at Seven Steps Up. These people and place left us inspired to not only become better musicians but better human beings. This Pin Drop Concert series is as good as it gets and our souls have been replenished. This is heart work at it's finest. Thank you for doing what you do."

Karisa Wilson (May, 2012):
"What a wonderful night...still glowing. Cd release ay Seven Steps Up, easily the warmest room I've ever played. The band, the venue and its proprietors as well as the audience made the night truly memorable. Thank you!!!!!!!!!"

[Peter Mulvey wrote on a poster for us after his Pin Drop Concert on 4/15/12]  "When I was little I dreamed that people such as you would make places as good as this."

Seth Glier (April, 2012): "Seven Steps Up is the most welcoming venue around.  A room run by artists for artists gives the audience the magical equation for one of the best listening experiences you’ll ever have...for both those who are on stage and off stage”

Ari Hest (April, 2012)
“Seven Steps Up is a beautiful setting for a singer/songwriter to play. Great crowd, Great vibe.”

Kelsey Rottiers (April, 2012)
"Thank you to Seven Steps Up for a great show!  For a venue I've never played, this was definitely a wonderful surprise!  Establishing themselves as a listening room in the Spring Lake area is not an easy thing, but I think Seven Steps Up are WELL on their way!  Taking special care to keep the noise down at the bar not serving blended drinks so to avoid the noise interruption in the middle of a set, this is a venue that takes great care and great pride in the musicians they support!  I so enjoyed playing this venue and can't wait until I get the chance to go back!"

[Edie Carey when she signed her CD for us after her Pin Drop Concert on 4/21/12]
"This place is unreal"

Pat McGee in an email to his fan email list in March, 2012]
“ of the best listening rooms in the country.”