run Amoker

Say it with me fast 3 times! Run Amoker! Run Amoker! Run Amoker! It’s just fun to say!

What the heck is a run Amoker? Ok, well the easy answer here would be “one who has run amok.” Are we right? 

Well, run amok with us! This is an exclusive club available for avid Pin Drop Concert attendees. The club name comes from the original name of the music promotions division. This club provides you with the opportunity to reserve your table or seats for all reserved ticketed events and have first crack at ‘em for a year! Once you join, all you will need to do is send an email or call us and we'll take care of processing your tickets. Easy, peasy! And for all reserved ticketed events, we won't charge your credit card until 30 days before the concert so you can commit now and pay later! There’s some other fun things as well – like discounts on room rentals at Seven Steps Up Live Music & Event Venue and discounts on merchandise. We promise to make you feel special! Click HERE for detail about the options. Click HERE to view the seating chart. (Please note that the seating chart reservations changes often - please call Gary for current availability.) Click HERE to read the FAQ’s.

To become a Run Amoker today, please call Gary at 231-557-7687. Run Amoker seats are first come, first serve. The tables are all reserved, but there are still a love seat, a couch, and plenty of theater seats available. Don't miss out on a single concert!

The Charter Run Amoker membership period has ended.