the Past

July 7, 2012 - Honor By August (HBA) - Pin Drop Concert - tonight was a first for us. Our first band - on top of that, our first rock band - to perform a Pin Drop Concert, HBA played to a very enthusiastic crowd. Standing ovations between songs barely begin to scratch the surface of the magic created in Seven Steps Up tonight. Michael, Evan, Brian & Chris performed flawlessly and with a passion and intensity that our small, intimate listening room could barely contain. Just a matter of time before they become a household name! We know these guys will be back. If you haven't heard of them YET, check them out:

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March 16, 2012 - f&3 acoustic friday - Annie & Rod Capps w/Jason Dennie

March 2, 2012 - f&3 acoustic friday - The Knicknacks 

FEBRUARY 25, 2012 - PIN DROP CONCERT – Neil Jacobs. Phenomenal guitar player. A spellbound audience. Too fast for the human eye. One guy on a stage and we swear there was an orchestra. Perfection!

February 17, 2012 - f&3 acoustic friday - Fiddleface (aka Michael Boxer Band)

February 3, 2012 - started out as an f&3 acoustic friday, turned into 4 sold out shows over Friday & Saturday.  Garrett Borns rocked the place with his 4 piece band! 

January 20, 2012 - f&3 acoustic friday - The Trace 

FEBRUARY 18, 2012 - PIN DROP CONCERT - J.T Nero & Allison Russell. Silky smooth. Sultry voice. Allison Russell actually takes your breath away. J.T. Nero creates vibrant lyrical images with a voice that perfectly complements Allison. All in all, a great evening.  Ya, baby, they'll be back!

JANUARY 15, 2012 - PIN DROP CONCERT – Seth Glier. We think it will soon be just a legend that Seth played here to a SOLD OUT crowd. We’ll be watching him on the Grammy’s to see if he wins AND we’ll wait patiently for his next album. WOW. I mean – WOW!

DECEMBER 3, 2012 – PIN DROP CONCERT – Kenny White. When we booked Kenny, we had no idea of his talent and humor. We listened to his albums and watched his videos, but the  live performance in our intimate setting outshone them all. His songwriting appeals on so many levels, his piano playing is over the top good and we just liked him personally! He’ll be back, just wait and see!

NOVEMBER 5, 2011 – SPECIAL LIVE RECORDING CONCERT with The Trace. The Trace played to a sold-out adoring crowd for a perfect evening. And the whole evening was recorded. It was history in the making! We expect that you will see these guys back here as often as we can convince them to come back!!

OCTOBER 29, 2011 – PIN DROP CONCERT – twin bill Jess Klein & Tom Freund. This was an amazing concert with two very talented musicians. Jess has a voice that transcends any description. Tom Freund was entertaining & talented and plays a helluva guitar, piano, stand up bass, ukelele, harmonica. Seriously – this dude can play anything!! Both are terrific songwriters and raised the bar once again on our concerts.

OCTOBER 22, 2011 – PIN DROP CONCERT – duo Alice Peacock & Danny Myrick – performing as Myrick/Peacock. WOW. They were our first and they were our first returning. Love these guys!

OCTOBER 11, 2011 – PIN DROP CONCERT – Tony Furtado was here! No really! This dude can play a guitar and a banjo like nobody’s business. It was a Pin Drop Concert that once again blew us all away. And he played and he played!

SEPTEMBER 25, 2011 – PIN DROP CONCERT – Ari Hest amazed a very appreciative audience with his performance in our third concert in our Pin Drop Concert Series. He brought percussionist Doug Yowell with him and we were mesmerized by the two of them.  I loved Ari’s music – but it’s just a recording compared to his live performance. Our intimate venue and his music were made for each other. And, of course, we want him back!!!!! / Find Ari on facebook

JUNE 2, 2011 – PIN DROP CONCERT – Pat McGee.  We almost have to stop there – ’nuff said!  If you weren’t here, you missed it. This amazing musician played for over 2 hours.  What a guitar player! He gave us the stories behind the music and shared his soul.   This wasn’t just a concert, this was an experience! I would drive cross country to see him again. And one helluva guy besides. Check him out! We are pretty sure he’ll be back.

MARCH 3, 2011 – PIN DROP CONCERT – Alice Peacock performed with Danny Myrick. First Pin Drop Concert – EVER! It was one of their first performances as Myrick/Peacock and they revealed some of their new songs as a duo. Alice performed originals on her own – by request by the audience.  It was amazing. Life changing. We can’t listen to these two without smiling. Very talented on their own. Uber combination. And super nice people on top of it all. And they are coming back! How cool is that!  /  /  /  Find Myrick/Peacock on facebook