listening Room

Seven Steps Up is a listening room. We don't offer any distractions. No TV's, sports, no pool tables, video games.  The only thing that matters while artists perform here is the music. Period.

While the artists are performing, we ask that you refrain from talking. This does not mean that you cannot interact with the artist and clap and sing when appropriate, but we ask that you remain respectful to our musicians and your fellow concert attendees at all times. If you are more interested in catching up with your friends than you are in the music, there are many places you can go both with and without music. In our listening room experience, you can still chat with your friends and enjoy an evening filled with friendship and music. You can hunker down into one of the couches or love seats, sit at a table with your friends, at certain concerts, you may sit at a community table and meet some new friends. The acoustics in the room are fantastic, but the acoustics also mean that conversations spoken in a loud voice - the typical bar room voice - carry throughout the room. 

The payback for the listeners is an amazing music experience. Intense. Often emotional. A unique connection with the artist that cannot be achieved in larger venues. Something special. An unforgettable concert. It really isn't all that difficult to remain quiet during the performance - the music is always that good. 

We have a full bar with a wide selection of spirits and a great selection of some very fine bourbon, single malt scotch, and tequila. We offer a good selection of wines that have been hand selected by the proprietors and staff of Seven Steps Up. For most music events we offer gourmet cheese plates and special desserts. For some concerts we offer other limited food selections such as pizza, soups & chili. The event page will provide you with all the details of what is available for the particular concert. We offer beverage service during the concerts and can quench your thirst with minimal effort on your part. 

Come check out our listening room, enjoy an adult or other beverage, and experience what our artists and concert goers alike call one of the best music experiences around. Ever.