the Pin Drop experience

The idea for pin drop concerts came from a Chris Knight performance at Fitzgerald’s in Berwyn, Illinois (Great Music Venue). It was amazing! No one said a word while Chris was playing.  The folks in the audience kept each other quiet. The energy was simply incredible!

When we listen to music, we want to listen to the music! And Seven Steps Up - West Michigan's Premier Listening Room - is the perfect venue. The venue is the original grand ballroom of a renovated Masonic Temple circa 1919. The acoustics are amazing, but the acoustics also mean that conversations carry throughout the room. The furthest seat from the stage is less than 35 feet. 

Pin Drop Concerts are all about taking the music to a different level.  Ask any performing musician and they will tell you: the audience makes a difference. At our Pin Drop Concerts, patrons are asked to refrain from talking during the performance. We’ve been to concerts where people are telling jokes, or talking about what their stupid friend did last night. Seriously, SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE! A Pin Drop Concert is all about the music, the artist and the listener. The payback for the listeners is an an amazing music experience. Intense. Often emotional. A unique connection with the artist that simply cannot be achieved in a larger venue. Something special. An unforgettable concert you will talk about for days, weeks and beyond. 

And it really isn't that difficult to remain quiet during the performance - the music is always that good. 

Our Pin Drop Concerts most often feature critically acclaimed national touring artists, most are performing singer/songwriters. All are world-class musicians. Most of these artists have played to audiences all over the world. The concerts may cross a number of genres but will almost always be “acoustic”. We use this term specifically so as not to claim any particular genre label. Most music will be acoustic based – typically an acoustic guitar or piano, but that doesn't mean you won't hear an electric guitar, bass or drums from time to time. We find the best music in the world and bring it to our intimate venue in Spring Lake, MI. You may not recognize the name of our some of our artists, but you can always depend on the fact that the music and the performer will be spectacular.  And you will be a fan when you leave! The venue is intimate enough for you to interact and meet the artist. The concert event page will provide you with links for more info about the musician as well as a link for purchasing online tickets.

Seating at concerts is limited to 110 and is 100% reserved seating. Seating options include private tables for four, sofas that seat up to 3, love seats that seat up to 2, and chairs.  

Seven Steps Up offers a full bar with a wide selection of spirits and a great selection of some very fine bourbon, single malt scotch, and tequila. They offer a good selection of wines that have been selected by the proprietors and staff. For most music events, gourmet cheese plates are available if you reserve ahead of time. Beverage service is provided before, during and after each concert. 

Some of the comments that we’ve heard after our concerts are: Amazing! Fantastic! Awesome! Unbelievable! We want the musician to have an amazing audience and we want the audience to have an amazing experience! Check out our upcoming concerts. Come to one of the concerts. You won’t believe your ears. You’ll never be the same.

For a complete listing, click the upcoming concerts page above. 

Come check out our listening room, enjoy an adult or other beverage, and experience what our artists and concert goers alike call one of the best music experiences around. Ever. Once you go Pin Drop, you can't go back!